Blues entre la Niebla

Blues entre la Niebla
Alfonso Xen Rabanal por Ángel Córdoba

martes, 2 de junio de 2009

The Funk On Me/The Montreux Jazz Festival

The Funk On Me (UK/ESP)

Led by the exceptional voice of Ferni Cordoba, a trademark sound and the spectacular nature of its songs, TFOM invites concert-goers to go on a musical journey to the roots of the Blues, R&B and in particular, New Orleans Funk. Speaking of THE FUNK ON ME is talking about his direct influences: Rance Allen, Little Milton, J. Taylor and all of New Orleans Funk and Blues School, over all Johnny Adams.

Group composition

Lead Vocals: Ferni Cordoba / Drums: Julian Chambers / Bass: Gary

Rackham / Guitar: Ricky Ahir / Keyboards: Carlton Powell / Tenor Sax: Rubén Morán / Alto Sax: Lou Gotti / Trumpet: Voro García / Trombone : Victor Correa


Funk & Blues

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The Funk On Me


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Universal Records

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Sin lugar a dudas, el festival más importante de música negra...

viernes 3 de julio, 23,30